"The connection is not yet configured"

we configured a connection to a legacy database to check logins against, so we created a Login script, and a GetUser one.
But when we face the Auth0 Universal Login form and click on the Sign up tab, it redirects to our app callback with the message “The connection is not yet configured. Please go to the database connections and setup your Create script, or disable sign ups for the connection.”.
We fail to understand why.
When we Try connection, it works very well.
Disable Sign Ups is unchecked.

Did anyone ever encountered this problem?

I forgot to mention that we cannot access to any other script than Login or GetUser now: the other possibilities disappeared, I don’t know why.
Import Users to Auth0 is also checked.

Hey there @api.video!

Let me understand a bit more the details about the actions you take so we can try to debug it.
Can you give me more context around it, what steps you’ve taken etc so I can try to reproduce that and see if it also fails for me. Also recording a HAR file of the whole flow should be super helpful (feel free to send it to me via private message once you have it):

The problem seems to be solved by cloning the database connection and adding a script for action Create with body “'return callback(null)”.
This action doesn’t appear anymore in Custom database tab after that but the problem seems to be gone.

Thanks a lot for letting us know! Glad it works for you now!

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