One-off bulk migration of users preserving external user id in Auth0


We are planning migration to Auth0 where first part will be migration to a Custom Database via getUser and Login scripts. This approach works well as it will re-use existing external user ids in Auth0 so we don’t have to change integrations relying on user id.

Second part of the migration is a bulk migration where existing recommended methods via Export/Import are not suitable for us as they don’t preserve external user id.

We have developed a custom script which helps to trigger user migration flow from the first part by calling API endpoint https://YOUR_DOMAIN/oauth/token with password-realm grant.

My question is around sizing of the tenant, taking the substantial amount of users for second part, will those users need to be accounted during tenant sizing process or they won’t be counted as MAU taking that they didn’t login and used token endpoint only to trigger migration?

I’m cautious that if the tenant is sized for actual amount of MAUs that we have, new ‘migration’ logins using method above will be throttled.

Thanks for any feedback.

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