Move users between Auth0 accounts

Our users are in an Auth0 account managed by a client. We will have a new Auth0 account and client wishes for us to take over management by migrating users over to OUR account. Is this possible? What are the challenges? How might it impact the end users?
Alternatively - is there a feature involving some kind of “trust relationship” between Auth0 accounts whereby I can auth a user against both the NEW Auth0 account and the OLD account?

Thanks in advance.

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That’s a really good question! Let me research that for you and get back to you soon!

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Wondering if you had any luck with this question … ?

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Sorry for the delayed response.

Can you go for bulk exporting the users into a file, and then bulk import them?
Do you need the hashed passwords? If so we need to open a support ticket because of security reasons.

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