Old SAML connection no longer an option under Connection for new users

A couple of years ago, I setup a test Application that connected to a test SAML Connection I created that used Auth0 as the idp. I then could create a new test user in the User Management area and attach them to this test SAML Connection. I could then go to my django website, use SSO to login with this user, get redirected through Auth0 and land back inside my site. The SSO authentication idea got tabled by my company until now. I went back in to add new test users for development, but the SAML connection is no longer an option for new users, only Databases. My previous username/password still works, but I’m guessing the ability to add new users to this old test connection is gone because SAML is now part of the Enterprise plan, correct? I am on a Free plan right now and I used to be able to use all of this.


Hi @rv888,

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Yes, it is an enterprise feature. SAML connections have been an enterprise feature for as long as I can remember. It is possible that you were on a free trial, which gives you access to almost all of the existing features, including enterprise connections.

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