Okta Enterprise Connection (Okta Workforce) - Missing Connection Button

I created a test tenant in Auth0, created an Okta workforce enterprise connection. I was able to see the connection button for the Okta workforce as follows -

Okta auth connection button appeared on the Auth0 login page in this case.


In another tenant I followed the same steps but neither did I see the “Okta Connection” button (refer to the screenshot below) nor the Okta auth button on the login page. Please help!

Hi @surendra ,

I noticed that you created a Support ticket for the same issue. Please continue working with our Support Team. Once it is closed/solved, I will add the solution to this topic so it can help other folks in our community in the future.


@lihua.zhang - I am facing the similar issue. Please let me know if the issue is triaged or anything to be done from user side.

Hi @vperumal ,

Here is the updates for the cause of the issue and the solution.

The “Display Connection as a Button” option is visible for the New Universal Login experience, not for the Classic Login Experience. Also, please make sure Login, password Reset, and Multi-Factor Authentication customization are disabled.

Please let me know if any other queries. Thanks!

@lihua.zhang - I double checked my tenants’ settings and it looks the same in both the tenants but still I see only one tenant showing this option and other doesnt. Could you please provide more documentation on exactly what steps to be followed if its missing.

The only difference is, the working tenant is hosted in AU and non-working tenants (3) are hosted in US-1. Kindly help on priority basis, as its blocking us to proceed further on our integration

OK… Here is the actual Solution (or something works for me).

If you dont see the connection button option, that means your tenant is configured to have “Classical Login Experience”. To change this to “New Universal Login Experience”, Please follow these steps.

  1. Login to Auth0 Page and navigate to “Branding” Page.
  2. Click “Universal Login” and Change the chosen option from “Classical” to “Universal”.
  3. Save

Thats it, now you should be able to see the option.

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