Okta Workforce - New Enterprise Connection

Hey everyone,

In our enterprise connections list - OKTA workforce has shown up as an Enterprise Connection option. The link to help article within the actually connection returns an empty yet to be made page. Can anyone from the auth0 team shed some more light on this new available enterprise connection and/or if we should be switching our OKTA connection from previous custom SAML connections to it?

Link to help document page that is empty.

Hi @daniel.hernandez ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community! And Sorry about the delay!

I have reached out to our internal team regarding this broken link and will keep you updated soon.


Hi @daniel.hernandez ,

Our engineering team is working on fixing this link with high priority. I will keep you updated on further progress. Appreciate your patience meantime.

Awesome, thank you so much!

Hi @daniel.hernandez ,

Our engineering team has fixed this issue. Clicking Learn More under Okta Workforce will take you to this link.

Please let me know if any further queries about the link. Thanks!

Thank you so much Lihua. I have one other question, perhaps for the engineers. We currently have clients who had to integrate their OKTA via SAML connection as this feature wasn’t available at the time. Would they recommend we switch them over to this OIDC application?

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