Obtain `login_hint` from within a Page Template

How can I achieve the following with the New Universal Login’s page templates:

  1. Access login_hint in page templates
  2. Dynamically disable edit of the email field if login_hint variable is present

Note: I could pass ext-login_hint as an extra param and use JS to disable the Edit link but I want to figure out if there is a more straightfoward way

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Hi @teddy.ondieki,

Generally, we warn against using the page templates API to change content within the prompt itself (doesn’t mean it’s not possible, just that it may break unexpectedly). I think this would fall within that scope.

Also, be aware that disabling editing of the email field wouldn’t necessarily prevent a user from manually passing a request with a different email (i.e. this shouldn’t be used as a security measure).

Hope that helps!

Also, feel free to drop us some Feedback if you have a feature request.

@dan.woda I appreciate your response. However, my main question was how to dynamically disable update of the email field in the signup-password screen if login_hint has been set. This email is pre-populated using login_hint for application specific purposes and we wouldn’t want the user to change it to something else. Could you guide me on that?

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There is currently no feature to disable the “edit” button, and implementing it with page templates would be not recommended (as I mentioned, we don’t recommend editing anything within the prompt itself).

Feel free to submit a feature request in our Feedback category.

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