Not deploying to Heroku properly?

I’ve gotten Auth0 to work locally, but now when I’ve put it up to Heroku it doesn’t work: namely, when I click the login button (this is pretty closely based on the React SDK tutorial) it just sits and waits. It appears to be going to some undefined/authorize?redirect_uri=(gobbledygook, including the name of my heroku app)

I’ve seen some similar issues but sadly none of them seem to have been resolved.

Here’s the link to my github repo:

Based on the outcome you shared the issue would apparently be configuration related as a login should redirect the browser to the tenant default domain or custom domain. The presence of undefined would indicate that when running in Heroku the application may be unable to obtain the correct configuration.

You should double-check that any configuration is available when running in Heroku, for example, by implementing a test page that just outputs the configuration values so you can check them when deployed.

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Yes, I updated the config vars for the site and everything is going smoothly now, thanks!

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