Not all Auth0 users are able to SSO using Google

We use Auth0 to login via Google SSO. We have a test instance and not all users are able to SSO.

The successful login shows a re-direct to https://[domain-redacted] https:/[domain-redacted]

The unsuccessful login does not re-direct to the above URL and instead re-directs to our site and requires our username and password.

I have both an error string and HAR-related data. We’ve also cleared cookies and tested on multiple browsers so we think it’s a configuration issue.

The error string ID is 89784f6bf3fbccf2341c.

Hey there @cjj!

Can I ask you to send me via DM the HAR file from the ones that are not able to do SSO?

Please ask them to clear cookies before that and here’s a link you can send them on how to record a HAR file:

I’ll be happy to start digging into it further!

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Thanks so much, Konrad! I’ll DM you with the HAR file.