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Not able to add connection to third party app; even though connection is domain enabled : true


Hey There,

I am trying to get third party Apps to work on Auth0.
I have already created a new third Party App following this guide and have enabled domain_level_connection on one of my connection.

However, when I go to the Third Party Application and enable that particular connection, I still get an error
“third party clients are only allowed on domain level connections: XXXXXXX”

Any ideas why ?
As a result of this, my Third Party App has no connections enabled and hence the login does not work as well.


ok. I figured it out.
The UX really needs to be worked upon at Auth0.
Basically, domain_level_connections are available for all applications, they cannot be added to the application.

Also, the issue I had was the __useTenantInfo: config.isThirdPartyClient setting on the custom login page was not setup; but, the error was not clearly visible and it felt the error was due to the connection not being able to add on the application.


I’m glad to hear that it all came together @maaz.contractor! You mentioned that the UX needs to be touched on, what do you recommend to improve this? Thanks in advance!


A few things.

  1. improve your documentation of making a connection a Domain level connection.

This curl Request
curl --request PATCH
–url ‘https://YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN/api/v2/tenants/settings’
–header ‘authorization: Bearer API2_ACCESS_TOKEN’
–header ‘cache-control: no-cache’
–header ‘content-type: application/json’
–data ‘{ “flags”: { “enable_dynamic_client_registration”: true } }’

That you have here does not work.
I had a hard time getting this command to work.
I finally got it to work by going to the API Explorer and using the command from there.
The API Explorer has a different curl PATH command syntax; and that worked for me.

Also, the API Explorer is confusing as hell. In the!/Connections/patch_connections_by_id it does not actually say that is_domain_connection: true is an option in the request. Can you please document correctly what all can be done here in the request ?

  1. After that, once my connection was made domain level, I would go to My Third Party App -> connections and see all connections as disabled. Even if I enable that particular connection, I just made domain level, that action will fail and I will get an error called “third party clients are only allowed on domain level connections: XXXXXXX” which does not make sense, or I feel that step #1 did not go through.
    So, Ideally, you guys need to change the App -> Connections settings and just show all connections where is_domain_connection: true as enabled and no option to disable them.

Hope this helps and makes sense.


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