How can I elevate my connection to a domain level connection

How can I change my connection to become a domain level connection? What is a domain level connection?


Is this related to an error with the following wording?

"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"third party clients are only allowed on domain level connections"

If so, this might be helpful: Cannot add third party client to domain connection

Yes, it is related but that threat you referenced was not helpful.

With the management API for updating connections, you can set the is_domain_connection attribute to true for configuring the connection as domain level connection.

Could this property be reflected in the management api docs?

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Hey @alexkappa!

I’ve just reported it to our product team. Thanks for feedback! For future reference, if you’d like at any point in the future to send us any feedback feel free to use this website:

Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much for the quick response! I’ll make sure to send feedback to the right channel.

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Really appreciate it! :pray:t3:


This is documented here, where were you looking for that information?


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Hello, I can’t find any information related to “is_domain_connection”: true. I have added this to the connection (database) using Auth Management API, yet third party clients can not add it.

Any updates on this ?

The Promote Connections information is no longer on the Dynamic Client Registration page, I found information here

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