Node module memory leak?

We’ve been on the auth0 node module v2.18 for a few years, so we just went to update to 2.37. Once we update the module, our node server is leaking memory with each request.
Is anyone else seeing this? I’ve tried updating node, and also tried updating some of the dependencies, but it’s still gradually using more and more memory.

Hi @ken2,

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Let me reach out to the team that manages that SDK and I’ll update here with their response. You may want to create an issue directly in the repo.

Thanks, will do that now.

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Thank you! I’ll add it to the ticket.

I’m going to try one more thing before I file a bug to make absolutely sure it’s the auth0 update that causes the leak.

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Okay sorry Dan! This leak was not auth0 after all. Sorry for the false alarm! You can delete this thread if you want.

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Thanks for the update! I am going to update the ticket and let them know it is not an issue. Let us know if you run into anything else!