No wordpress cookie getting saved in my client react app after login through my custom domain

I have installed auth0 wordpress plugin and did set up my auth0 application with migration token and custom domain and all.
what I am trying is accessing wordpress session cookies in my react client app. But unfortunately no wordpress session cookie visible in my app.

login flow

domain .com = app
content = wordpress
login.domain .com = custom domain

user logs in app -> its redirects to -> and then it redirects back to -> app.

in wordpress plugin i have given custom domain

but no wordpress session cookie is visible in main

please help

I have solved it by first redirect to my and then to my react app it solved my cookie issues

thanks you.

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Hey there @siddhantD and welcome to the Community!

I apologize for the delay but I’m glad you were able to get this challenge resolved. Please let me know if you have any questions in the future!

is there any auth0 way of accessing wordpress cookies in my react app.

thank you

What are you trying to do with the cookie? You do set wp_set_auth_cookie when leveraging the wordpress auth0 plugin. How are you implementing Auth0 into your stack?

Sir i want, My react app to create posts and do mutation queries in WordPress but its not possible right now. Because for that i would be needing a authorization token or auth cookies which right now auth0 plugin does not support.

then how can i do mutation queries?

thank you

After confirming with the support team, it won’t be possible to really provide a in-depth answer here without a better understanding overall on your systems architecture. I apologize for the confusion, thank you.

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