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I actually rested all my email templates and that actually removes some of the styles in the original verification template. I need this kind of No provider email template -Default No-Provider Email Template - #7 by stephanie.chamblee for all of the different email templates. So I can change my company-specific logo and use them.

Hi @siddalingappa1 ,

I understand that you need the default No provider email template scripts. Unfortunately, clicking the “Reset” button on the email templates page will not restore such templates. But if you have a tenant without a custom email provider configured, you can obtain the original scripts from there.

Please let me know if any further queries about this topic. Thanks!

Can you let us know the steps in brief ?

The original email templates can be found in a brand new tenant which does not have a custom email provider enabled.

I need this styled template code but when I looked at the email template code: it seems like this :

I need the code of those all the original email templates, not the default ones.

Even if you do this, the html code in those email templates will be default templates like this.

and not the orinal email templates code.

It will be more useful to have those original email template HTML + liquid script code. So we can use some automation to updated our email templates in any other envionments.

Hi @siddalingappa1 ,

Thank you for providing additional details. I just replied to you via DM.

Thanks to willianantunes, this repository have the list of default templates you are looking for. I tested scripts for the verify email with link template, and it works great!

Please give it a try and let me know if there is anything else you need. Thanks!

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