No connections enabled for the client

Hi, I am having trouble with my QA tenant.
It says no connections enabled for this client but I already check both application > connection and application > enterprise which both shows that the connection is turned on.

Please see screen shots below.
Application client ID:

Error Message:

Application has enabled connection to my enterprise azure AD.

For some context, the current domain is a qa tenant. that is copied from the dev tenant using auth0-deploy-cli for automation. The enterprise connection is a azure ad that I tested using the “try” function and is working okay. I re-tested everything in dev tenant and everything is working properly.

The error occurs every time I login.
How to resolve this issue?

Hi @msuguitan , I believe this is a side effect of trying to use the Authentication Profile “Identifier + Password” option, without any Database connections enabled with the New Universal Login.

You can either change your tenant’s Authentication Profile to “Identifier First”, or on both of the SAML connection’s Settings > Login Experience, enable “Display Connection as a Button

This should allow you to use Home Realm Discovery for the former, or a button for the latter workaround.

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