New UX for Login to

We’ll be updating our login user experience for!

In the next few days, we will be updating the user interface for login and multi-factor authentication pages for Auth0 properties, including,,, and This will change the look and feel of these login pages, but the functionality will remain the same.

The login page will look like:

The multi-factor authentication dialog will look like:

You’ll be soon be able to try this new UI in your own Auth0 tenants. Stay tuned!


Is this change going to be automatically rolled out to existing log in pages or will there be a toggle that we can choose to turn it on?

The change to will be automatically rolled out @bramsey :+1:

And what about login pages of our tenants, our applications? Those logins will be rolled out automatically also or there will be a way to manually check and activate?

Hi @James.Morrison, I still see no change on my own Auth0 tenants. Can we have a precise date on when these UIs will be updated?

Hi Katia,

The change we announced only impacts Auth0 users and it was already deployed. It does not imply any changes in the way your application users’ login to your applications.

We’ll provide a way to let our customers enable a similar login flow for their applications later this year.




Ho I see.
I was confused.
Thanks for the quick answer @andres.aguiar.

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