New user not recieving code with text message

I have Auth0 enabled for my application that is written in ASP.NET Core 2.2. I created an Auth0 account for myself, and I also created a Twillio account to use for the two-factor authentication (email/password and text message with code). In my application when I personally log in everything works fine. I get a prompt for username/password and I get a text message with a code to enter. However, if another user tries to “Sign up”/Sign in, they get an error when they enter their cell phone number to receive the code. Can you please help me figure out what is wrong? Thanks.

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Could you post the error you are receiving? Is the error coming from Twilio or Auth0?


Hello Dan,
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The error I receive is from Auth0 (attached). The user selects the “Sign up” option on the log-in screen, enters her username (email) and password, and then is presented with a box to enter her cell phone number. In the meantime she gets an email to enroll, which she does. However, when she enters her cell number to get the code she gets the message “Looks like something went wrong, please retry”. My own credentials work fine, however. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m the developer and the original person to sign up with Auth0. I’m a very new user of Auth0 so I may have missed some setting somewhere, but I’m not sure where.
Shawn A.

Is there anything in the logs in the Auth0 Dashboard?

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I think I figured it out by checking the logs. It seems that if you have a trial subscription of Twilio you have to manually verify a phone number. I made the changes, and the user is now able to get SMS text messages. Thanks for your help!

Shawn A.


Glad you figured it out @shawn.aghdam!

And really appreciate that you shared it with the rest of community!

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