New Universal Login not working with JavaScript disabled

The New Universal Login experience does not seem to be working without JavaScript, contrary to documentation. I am using the default configuration, no custom changes or code. All I do is I click “Try” under “Customization Options”. Once the login page comes up, I disable JavaScript in the browser, then reload the page and I am seeing an empty page.

Hello @mmiretsky welcome to the community!

Hmm that’s odd, which browser are you using? I am currently unable to reproduce in Chrome.

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@tyf I am using Chrome as well.

I figured it out. I was using the “Lock” HTML template, that’s why it wasn’t working without JavaScript. As soon as I switched to the “Custom Login Form” template, it started working without JavaScript. Problem solved!

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Hey @mmiretsky that’s great, I’m happy to hear! Thanks for sharing your findings with the community :slight_smile:

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