New Univeral Login with Multiple connections

Is it possible for the new univeral experince to pick or chose from different connections?

With the classic experience, I am using JS to choose between connections based on email or username etc.

Is this type of thing possible with the new unviersal login and liquid?

Hi @kurt.dunn!

Suppose you want to enable one database connection plus zero or more social and enterprise. In that case, it’s straightforward: you would have a prompt for the username and password for the database connection and buttons for the rest on the New Universal Login Page.

If you want to enable more than 1 database connection for an app, then you need to specify the connection parameter in the /authorize request (Auth0 will not filter your database connections to choose a relevant one for the user).

There is also a Home Realm Discovery for enterprise connections → meaning if a user enters an email that matches the domain set for the enterprise connection, the password prompt will be disabled and the user will be redirected to the enterprise login page.

You can read more on this here: Select from Multiple Connection Options

Please let us know if there is anything you would like to ask about on this topic!

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