Universal Login: disable automatic home realm discovery for enterprise logins

On my tenant we currently have 2 enterprise connections and 1 database connection (not allowed to login; used for user provisioning).
If we have just one of the enterprise connections enabled then the login box shows a nice button to redirect to the correct provider. When they are both enabled, however, the login box presents an email input and chooses the provider based on the domain.
This is very slick, but one of the enterprise connections don’t use emails for logging in, and are unwilling to do so.
What we’d like to have is a list of buttons identifying each provider, as it does for social connections. How can I do this?

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I’m afraid that Lock only supports email based home realm discovery for enterprise connections when more than one is enabled. In other words there’s currently no option in Lock that would trigger individual button to be shown for multiple enterprise connections.

The above does not mean that it is not possible to meet your requirement, however, it does imply that Lock may not be sufficient. It’s possible to fully customize the hosted login page using Auth0.js (https://auth0.com/docs/universal-login#advanced-customization) and in that case it’s possible to have individual buttons for multiple enterprise connections although with the overhead that you would be required to implement the user interface parts.

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