Is it possible to have enterprise connections with the passwordless Lock on the universal login page?

If I enable Passwordless with Lock, I can have social connections but not the enterprise connections. Is there a way to support enterprise connections with the Passwordless Lock?


When the regular Auth0 DB connection is enabled, the home realm discovery feature of Lock helps to log in with the enterprise connections. With the Passwordless Lock this isn’t possible today. You may open a feature enhancement request here if you need this functionality.

Until this is available, you may evaluate a workaround solution in this gist. At line 93 of the gist, an event is registered for the email form and once the email domain matches the domains for an enterprise connection, script redirects the user to that connection using Auth0.js.

In the sample, the users with the email address or are redirected to the sample enterprise connection named TestSAML.

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