Home Realm Discovery without Identity First Authentication

We are currently using the Classic Universal Login with Lock and want to switch to the New Universal Login. We also have some enterprise connections that use Home Realm Discovery to redirect users to the Enterprise login page depending on their email domain.

Is it possible to keep the same Home Realm Discovery behavior without enabling Identifier First Identification? (Configure Identifier First Authentication). The docs are not clear to me, I don’t understand if the New Universal Login requires Identifier First in order for the Home Realm Discovery to work.

Ideally, we would like to keep the same behavior we have now with Lock, where the email and password fields are visible at the same time, and after the user enters their email, if it matches an enterprise connection, the password field disappears and they see a button to go to the enterprise login page.

Hi @lucho,

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It doesn’t appear possible according to our docs: Configure Identifier First Authentication

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