When does home realm discovery for new login experience will be available

Home Realm Discovery is only available for the classical login experience.
As mentionned in the limitation for the new login experience : https://auth0.com/docs/universal-login/new-experience/new-experience-limitations

[Identifier-first authentication](https://auth0.com/docs/universal-login/identifier-first) is not available. This would allow users to log in with their corporate email addresses and be redirected to their enterprise's login pages. The current implementation will add a button for each enterprise connection, which makes it unsuitable for this scenario that is very common for B2B customers.

Is it being worked on ? When will it be released ?

Right now this is a blocker for us, so we have to remain on the classical login experience which supports that feature. Indeed we would have too many enterprise connections button to display at once to our users and we don’t want all users to see all buttons, especially the ones for which they are not concerned with.


Hi @vb1,

Sorry for the delayed response.

HRD for new universal login is on the way, there isn’t a public target date, but I would expect it within the next quarter, although I cannot guarantee any dates at the moment.

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This has just been released.

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