This Community topic is here to discuss Auth0’s new PHP SDK v8.0 release, currently in Beta. The new release is available from the PHP SDK GitHub repo, GitHub - auth0/auth0-PHP: Straight-forward and tested methods for accessing Auth0 Authentication and Management API endpoints..

As with any Beta version, it is not recommended for use in production applications as it may be subject to change.

PHP SDK v8.0 will greatly improve the developer experience when integrating Auth0 with your PHP-based web apps and backend APIs, and includes many significant improvements:

  • Modern PHP language features including typed properties, null coalescing assignment operators, and array spreading.
  • Easier setup and more control with a new configuration interface.
  • New PHP-FIG standards support, including:
    • Network methods now return PSR-7 HTTP message interfaces.
    • PSR-14 event hooks, to allow for hooking your application’s login more deeply into the SDK.
    • PSR-18 and PSR-17 factories for customizing network requests. PSR-7 responses are also now returned throughout the SDK.
  • The codebase has been streamlined, offering a cleaner API and improved performance.
  • Cookies are now the default session storage method and use encryption.
  • Fluent interface throughout the SDK, offering simplified usage.
  • Optional auto-pagination of Management API endpoints.
  • PKCE is now enabled by default.
  • Improved Id Token processing.
  • Fewer dependencies.

The Beta period will run for a limited period of time. General Availability is planned for later this year (2021).

We will only provide support for this Beta SDK in this Community topic.

We welcome your feedback and reports on any issues you encounter when trying out this Beta version.

Should you have any feedback or questions about the SDK, please raise an issue via GitHub.


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