Migrating from PHP SDK 7 to 8 - session not persisting?

Hi to everyone! I’m currently (successfully) using version 7 of the Auth0 PHP SDK to implement single sign on. I’m using the Authentication class directly so that I can manage each step of the authentication flow. Once the authentication flow has completed, I then access the user details by creating a new instance of the Auth0 class (with the appropriate client details). However, when testing the same using version 8 of the SDK the cookie store is empty and the ‘state’ variable is null. We’ve tried modifying the cookie settings but without any joy. I’ve been working through the documentation checking that we’ve updating our cookie settings appropriately but, try as we might, we can’t seem to get user details to persist between executing the authentication flow using the Authentication class and instantiating an Auth0 class. Is there something we’re missing? As I say, it works fine with v7 of the SDK but there’s something we’re not doing in v8.

Hope all this makes sense and thanks in advance.

Hey there!

@evansims would you be able to help us on that front as you are our PHP guru here? :pray:

I talked with Evan and he told me that he’ll be happy to help if you can only raise it as a GitHub issue here:

Many thanks for your help with this. I have opened a new issue here: Migrating from PHP SDK 7 to 8 - session not persisting · Issue #703 · auth0/auth0-PHP · GitHub

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Perfect thanks! I’ll ping the repo maintainers in a few minutes!

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