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Hello, i need help starting to use auth0, how do i go about it for php

I want to start using auth0 for auth0 with php but i cant seems to get a hold of it, please how do i go about it.

Hey there @babalolaferanmi8!

We have lots of tutorials, quickstarts and content on using Auth0 with PHP, here they are:

Thanks for your quick reply, i started learning already, i use composer to install auth0-php then i don’t seems to relate with the way of things with auth0. My skill level in php is intermediate, and i work better with video tutorial than written doc, and auth0 have little video tutorial, is there a way you can help???

I don’t have that much php knowledge but if you can provide me with as much context as possible regarding what you’re struggling with and with which part you need help then I can fo sure find someone who will be able to help you :slight_smile:

Hello I’ve been trying to use auth0 with my php web app login UI, but i don’t know which way to go, will auth0-php sdk do the work or auth0 sdk for web, i also came across custom signup, please i need help, because am stuck in choosing what to use. Thanks

I moved the message above to this thread so as to keep all your questions related to our php stack in one thread so that also other can find those answers in a simpler way. Thank you!

Thanks, i want to use auth0 with my own HTML form tag, i mean i want to use auth0 without lock.
How do i achieve this??

So you basically want to build the login / signup form yourself? I think then without using our UI stack what you need to use is our Authentication API:

and hitting the needed endpoints.

Yes, thank you, can you explain what endpoint is?

To help you understand it in an easy and digestible way I found a tutorial that does just that:

If you have additional questions, let me know!

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Thanks, i will watch the tutorial and let you know.

Sure! Hope it helps!

hello, is there a way to use the auth0 api with php and not javascript???

Yes sure! You can make HTTP request (hitting certain API endpoints) and then process the results in any language

thank you very much, you been of great help

No worries we’re here for you!

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