Timeframe for auth0-php 8.0 support in Laravel package?

Hi Auth0!

What’s the timeframe, at least for a beta release, of the Laravel SDK with support for auth0-php v8?

I wanted to add auth0 to my project, but I’ve got other dependencies on lcobucci/jwt. auth0-php v7 and older seem to use a fork of this package that kept the lcobucci namespace, so I can’t include any of Auth0’s deps in my project.

This has been cleaned up in the auth0-php 8.0.0-beta1 tag, but the APIs look waaaaaay different from what your Laravel SDK is expecting to find.

Thanks for your help. And a big thanks to your senior DX engineer Evan Sims, who seems to be doing a lot of the work involved in cleaning up the lcobucci/jwt vs auth0/php-jwt stuff.

Hey there!

Let me reach out to Evan as he probably has the latest news on that front.

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Hey @nie7321 :wave: Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate that! And I do apologize for the issues surrounding that dependency, I know it’s been frustrating. The Laravel package is currently slated to get a refresh in Q4 this year, at which point it will be updated to use the new underlying auth0-PHP package. I was hoping to get that out yet this quarter, but unfortunately another project has required my bandwidth this time around.

In the meantime, I understand if this is a blocker for you; however, there are a few good examples here in the community of devs writing their own implementations for Laravel on top of the auth0-SDK. It’s not too terribly complex to integrate, depending on your needs. Here’s one that I quite liked that might give you a good headstart, if you decide to go that route. This particular one doesn’t use the new SDK 8.0 beta, but you can use the migration guide from that version to adapt it relatively simply; feel free to ping me if you decide to go this way and need any help.


Alright, thank you very much!

This particular project isn’t going live until Q2 '22, so I think we’ll do something along the lines of the example you posted as a stopgap until the Laravel package gets updated. I’ve implemented a bespoke login page with the JS SDK before so I can’t imagine this will be much harder :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll see you on github at some point :muscle:


Awesome, I look forward to it!

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