Dependency on "auth0/php-jwt"

“name”: “auth0/auth0-php”,
“version”: “7.9.2”,
PHP 8.0.8

This package depends on package “auth0/php-jwt” which is clone of package “lcobucci/jwt”, but my project have already included “lcobucci/jwt”, and I can not use “auth0/auth0-php” because both packages use the same name space, but with different meaning (different versions)

Like :
namespace Lcobucci\JWT;
interface Parser

namespace Lcobucci\JWT;
class Parser

Hey @bayar1 :wave: Sorry for the frustration on this one; that is a known issue. We’d encourage you to migrate to the new 8.x branch of auth0-php which resolves this and removes the dependency on that library. Due to technical reasons involving that upstream library, this is not addressable on the 7.x branch. In the meantime, if you need an immediate workaround, you can use auth0/php-jwt as a drop-in replacement for lcobucci/jwt.

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Thanks for a response.

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Thanks for helping on this one Evan!

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