Documentation for php 7.9.2

Hey, I’m stuck with a php 7.4 code base that I cannot update. All tutorials and help pages for PHP refer to functions, classes, and namespaces that did not exist in “auth0/auth0-php”: “^7.9” that composer allowed me.

Where can I find documentation and samples for auth0-php@7.9?
Or is there language independent documentation on the token I’d get? Is this a plain JWT? Can I check it with the client secret from my app’s page?



Hi Robert,
You can find documentation and samples for auth0-php@7.9 on the Auth0 website. The Auth0 PHP SDK provides a Token class that can decode, validate, and verify JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) for your application Reference

This SDK supports both HS256 and RS256 tokens. To decode HS256 tokens, you will need to configure a client secret. On the other hand, RS256 tokens require an authorized issuer. The SDK also includes a utility for token processing, which offers customizable options for verification and validation.

Regarding your question about the token, it is a plain JWT. You can check it with the client secret from your app’s page Reference

Additional Reference Link

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Hi Pratyush, thanks for the quick reply.

I cannot use the Token class as it does not seem to exist in my version of the auth0 API.
Do you have a direct link to the 7.9 version of the PHP API? My Google-fu is failing me.

Hi Robert. Could you solve this issue? I’m stucked too with PHP 7.4 code. I’ll appreciate any reference or advice you con give on this subject.