Need help with SSO and Okta

I am new to Okta and SSO and doing a prototype to test using Okta as IDP. I setup an free developer account and trying a basic python web app. login page and welcome page.

using this library

from okta import authclient

my code looks like this

auth_client = AuthClient (base_url = ‘base okta dev url’, client_id = ‘my client id’, client_secret = ‘my secret’)

when I try to run my app = python

I get this error “cannot import authclient from okta”

any ideas as to how to get around this or am I doing something wrong.

Hi @mfungafat

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Can you please give the name and version of the library you are using?

thanks for reaching out dan. I just switched to Java and using Java 17 with the associated okta authentication libraries worked.

These are the python libraries got when I did a pip install okta

oauthlib 3.2.2
okta 2.9.2


I’m not seeing an authclient in the Okta library. I would suggest starting with the usage guide from the library’s repo.

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