Can nextjs-auth0 be used with Okta?

  • **Which SDK this is regarding: nextjs-auth0
  • **SDK Version: v1.5.0
  • **Platform Version: Next.js v11.1

Can the nextjs-auth0 library be used with Okta as the IDP?


In terms of using the Nextjs SDK directly with Okta?

I tested our Quickstart with an Okta web app and authorization code flow with PKCE.

Login and logout seem to work, but you could run into an issue and this is not a supported scenario so it would make more sense to use Okta’s SDK when talking to Okta directly.

We do support using Okta as an IDP through your Auth0 tenant. This would allow you to keep your Auth0 configuration and client app and log users in from Okta.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Marcus, I appreciate your response and your willingness to test it out. Regarding “…to use Okta’s SDK when talking to Okta directly”, I’m not aware of an Okta library that is equivalent to the nextjs-auth0 library. When I asked Okta support if they had plans to create one they told us there was not enough demand. Are you aware of a similar library?
thanks again!

I am not aware of a Nextjs specific Okta SDK, admittedly my okta knowledge is not very deep.

Doing a search for okta with nextJs I came across this blog post, maybe this will be helpful

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Let us know if you have other questions down the road but what I can advise on that front is also to visit Okta Developer Forum:

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