Using Okta as IdP

I am now to Okta and this may be a simple matter.

In our application (service provider), we have successfully deployed GitHub - SAML-Toolkits/java-saml: Java SAML toolkit for SSO. This was done using Onelogin as the IdP with appropriate setting in the file.

We would like to now test this with the auth0 as the IdP. Where can I find instructions how to set up and configure this. The need to be correctly populated for this so that the communication between the SP and the IdP works properly.

This post shows you how to implement SAML with Spring Boot. It shows Auth0 and Okta. Please let me know if it helps.

@mraible , the link doesn’t work.

What browser are you using and what’s the error you’re experiencing? Please provide a screenshot if you can. The link works fine in all my browsers.