Need help with MS Authenticator

This question is not development related but I’m hoping the expertise here can help me resolve an issue with what I believe is related to how my MS Account is misconfigured within whatever is called ‘the backend’.

I need help troubleshooting why authentication requests are not being sent to my MS Authenticator app (on my android phone). Sometimes my attempts to log into one or another website result in a one-time code – the type where the site expects me to enter a 6 number pass code. This type of auth works.

My problem is when the site I’m trying to log into tells me it’s sent a request to my authenticator app and that I need to ‘press approve’ at that app. This if the method of validation that has ceased to work. I’ve seen it work so I know what it looks like. It’s just that in the last unknown number of tries, it has never worked. By 'never worked I mean that my MS auth app is never getting a notification of the incoming request.

This account is of the type ‘Personal’ Microsoft Account created when MS Live was a thing. Some years back a MS work account was associated with this address. That association has resulted in a duplicated email address – one as a work/school account, the other as my intended Personal account. If there’s a way to remove it for the love of all that is holy tell me how.