Need help with creating user as it gives ssl error

We are trying to create a user in auth0 via twisted api. we get issues like decryption failed or bad record mac or [('SSL routines', 'ssl3_read_bytes', 'tlsv1 alert protocol version'
When we create using the said input using the docs. i have attached response logs for referenece
logs.txt (7.7 KB)

is there a chance that there is a proxy between your app and Auth0?

i do not think so , as our rest of the post calls work just fine. Do i need to hash any parameters below ? in the request
{ "email": new_email if new_email is not None else "", "email_verified": False, "password": input_metadata["password"], "given_name": input_metadata["firstname"], "family_name": input_metadata["lastname"], "name": "{} {}".format(input_metadata["firstname"], input_metadata["lastname"]), "verify_email": True, "connection": "Connection", }

Honestly to me the error is on a transport layer, not the payload. You can use Auth0 API explorer to try and submit the same API call with the payload in question.