Need help migrating to v11


I need help migrating my existing v10 integration to v11. I see the migration also as an opportunity to improve general architecture and possibly end user UX.

Let me give you some context and explain my requirements first.
I’m one of the developers of a mobile game in Unity3D. I want my users to be able to sign up and log in using email/password, Facebook and Google, and for the email/password users I want to force email verification and make password reset available. Because I don’t want to build my own UI and I want to give my users the ability to use social logins, I decided to use in game embedded web browser and use auth0 lock for web. This worked just fine in v10. My users could sign up, they would receive the refresh token which I would store and then they would never have to log in again.

Now when it comes to the migration. I’m very confused because there are multiple articles that have conflicting information. Multiple concepts have been marked as deprecated yet there are still mutliple articles that tell you to use them.

What architectural approach should I use given my requirements and context? Can give me specific examples on what I should be doing for v11? I know that certain stuff that I used is now deprecated, e.g. responseType ‘token’ in auth0 lock.

A related question is about auth0 hosted lock page. Maybe I could use that without having to implement much myself? But do remember I need the email verification and password reset flows.


Hey @Bartosz

As it has been more than a few months since this topic was opened and there has been no reply or further information provided from the community as to the existence of the issue we would like to check if you are still facing the described challenge?

We are more than happy to assist in any way! If the issue is still out there please let us know so we can create a new thread for better visibility, otherwise we’ll close this one in week’s time.

Thank you!

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