My user seems to be disappeared or deleted.


I’ve been using a test user for some time and now it seems to have been disappeared or deleted. I can’t see anything in the logs on the dashboard. Is there a way to see what happened to this user?

has this happened only to that user? to which connection did it belong to?

Hi, I can’t verify if that only that user. We’re still in dev so have a lot of dummy users about. It was an api connection. I was logging in with it w/o issues only to find it gone the next day . I have no log entries of deletion. It’s very odd tbh.


i’m experiencing this very same issue. it appears at random with nothing in the logs or history. We were in Dev, now live !
We have a large user base and i have had a few calls lately where the user cannot log in and there is no evidence of their account ever existing, even though i created it for them.
History only goes back a few days so it’s hard to tell if it’s user error or something else.


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