More info regarding known bug with Lock popup mode

This page Lock Configuration Options states

There is a known bug that prevents
popup mode from functioning properly
in Android or Firefox on iOS, and in
Internet Explorer under certain
circumstances. As such we recommend
either only using redirect mode or
detecting these special cases and
selectively enabling redirect mode.
See more info here.
The link for “here” is Auth0 Community , but following that link just redirects to Where can I find more information on this bug?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention; the link in question was missed when the previous forum was decommissioned. I made some internal queries about the possibility to bring the content in question in some other form. I’ll keep you posted when I have more information.

Any update?

Sorry for the radio silence, I’m in the process of recovering the content of said post and also trying to find a new home for it. Ideally, next week I should be able to update you with more useful info (aka the relevant content).

The content that was available in the broken link is now also available in this question/answer. I’ll also ensure that the broken link in the documentation is fixed.