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Embedded Lock problem on logout


After I made {allowForgotPassword:true} lock widget started to shows the following screen.


This is nice, ok. But after I login using this button and logout again, I redirected back to the same screen but now it looks like:


The buttons are disappeared!

Here is my lock configuration:

let lock = new Auth0Lock(AUTH_CONFIG.clientId, AUTH_CONFIG.domain, {
autoclose: true,
sso: true,
container: 'login-container',
allowedConnections: [AUTH_CONFIG.connectionName],
socialButtonStyle: 'big',
allowForgotPassword: true,
configurationBaseUrl: '',
auth: {
    redirectUrl: AUTH_CONFIG.callbackUrl,
    responseType: 'token id_token',
    audience: AUTH_CONFIG.apiUrl,
    params: {
        scope: 'openid profile name email'
theme: {
    logo: '',
    primaryColor: '#2A23D7'
languageDictionary: {
    signUpTerms: "I agree to the <a href='/terms'>terms of service</a></a>."
mustAcceptTerms: true

Any help?


Do you have any browser console logs you can share?


There aren’t any console logs.

It also happens when I enter a wrong password.

Cannot GET /co/authenticate

But I guess this are only for wrong password.


Any updates on this issue?
This is a problem in my production environment right now because I cannot remove the forgot password feature from it.


@doguscan were you able to solve your issue? I’d like to clarify, when you enter a wrong password the button disappears? Which connections are you using? Username/password, Google, etc? What version of Lock are you using? Does this happen in every browser or just specific one(s)? Also, is there a reason you are using Embedded Lock over Universal Login?

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