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Missing forgot password on Lock widget


Hi guys, I’m trying to using forgot password feature of Auth0 but it seems to be missing as described in the following image:

I am using the latest Lock.js v11 with a custom database connection. I also read the documentation, it said that forgot password option is default with true value.

But when I change to use the default database connection ‘Username-Password-Authentication’ then it works just fine.

Is there anything that I missed ? Thanks.


Hi there @hoangtrinh, I would love to find out more about what is going on in your custom database connection that isn’t showing the forgot password option. As you mentioned the default set is true. Are you seeing any errors in the logs/console? What browsers are you using/tested with? When you get a chance can you DM me your tenant name? Thanks in advance!


I was hoping to follow up @hoangtrinh and see if you had any additional details you could share on this front? Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


Hi @James.Morrison,
Sry for my late response, maybe I missed something, like I said, the issue was gone when I changed to use the default database connection Username-Password-Authentication.
But I will follow up this with more detail if I face the issue again in the future.

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I’m glad to hear you got it resolved. Please keep us posted in the future if it pops up again or if you find you have any other questions!

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