Forgot password: "User does not exist." But does


I have a recurring issue with users who have forgotten their passwords. The flow returns with “WE’VE JUST SENT YOU AN EMAIL TO RESET YOUR PASSWORD.”, but really does not. The logs says it failed because “User does not exist.”, but the user does exist. Even tried with my user (and i know that users exists :wink: ) but no-go.

What to do?

  • Unmodified hosted lock
  • Change password Flow v2


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I’ve seen this happen when you request the password reset for the wrong connection. Do you have multiple database connections?


Same problem here. I have an application with two database connections, and I can see from the logs that Auth0 is looking for the user in the “wrong” database.

@thijmen96 your wording “when you request the password reset for the wrong connection” suggests there might be a way to route the request to the correct connection? Is that the case? I can’t see anything obvious.

There is! When making the password reset request to the Authentication API, simply add a connection parameter to the body of the request and fill it with the name of the Database the user is supposed to be in.

More details are in the Authentication API Explorer:

Let me know if this helps.

Ah, thanks. We’re using the vanilla Auth0 login UI though. I don’t see any way to specify the connection there.


I have the same problem. The application has two connections, but only one gets searched for users.

Yes, we are too using the Auth0 UI. And there the call we make is

                email: email,
                connection: databaseConnection,
              }, ...)

So how do we get the information that the user does not exist?