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Password recovery says unknown user for existing user



One of my users forgot his password. I can see this user in my Users Dashboard on Auth0 website. When we try to reset the password with the link “Don’t remember your password?” on the login popup in my app, it says that the user does not exist. We tried to use the username or the email as username without success. Any idea to help?


The amount of information provided is insufficient to provide a definite answer, however, I could not reproduce this situation. Given you mentioned Don’t remember your password? I’m assuming the use of Lock 10 so I did a test in my client application and for a user that existed it worked as expected and for a user that did not existed I also did not saw the same behavior because Lock 10 showed a success message even if the email did not exist in order to guard against privacy issues.

I would advise to update the question with additional information, you may also want to perform some tests directly to the API endpoint as it simplifies the test procedure, allows for you to include simpler reproduction steps and may also narrow down the scope of the problem.


I could update the user via the managment api. Thanks.