Missing required parameter: response_type [React Native]

        scope: 'openid profile email',
        audience: Config.AUTH0_AUDIENCE,
        prompt: 'login',
        screen_hint: landingPage,
      { ephemeralSession: false },

for Login and SignUp am using this predefined method am Getting Config.AUTH0_AUDIENCE getting landingPage but for 15 Minutes non of the users user can login after 15 minutes it’s resolved by it self what will be the reason it’s from auth0 side that’s clear

Hey there @nikhil.p !

That’s super odd, especially considering this is all handled by the SDK :thinking: I’m glad to hear the issue has resolved itself. I don’t have any idea why this could’ve happened unfortunately - If it does happen again I recommend opening up an issue against the SDK itself:

Hello @tyf !!

thank you for responding on this issue but if this is an SDK issue how come it’s possible for all devices at the same time?
i don’t think so it’s SDK issue

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