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React-Native Getting Started Login (Android Fails)



After installing the react-native-auth0 module for my project, I found the webauth.authorize() function to work beautifully and without issue. However, for android I experience some odd behavior I have not found a resolution for over the past few days… With excluding the audience and turning off OIDC Conformance and not including the audience in the authorize call, the login page is blank and never loads. If I add the audience (not desired, since I want the legacy path for my app), the login page loads, but just spins forever when a user is login is submitted. This occurs in the sample 00-login getting started project for React-Native as well, but again… only in Android. I don’t know if this is an issue with my tenant, settings or both.


If you’re moving to use react-native-auth0 library the recommendation would be to not depend on legacy flows as they will be removed. Focusing on the issue when using an audience (which means OIDC conformant) the most likely reason for nothing occurring after the login is submitted is that the application is not configured correctly to handle the calback. You should ensure that callback configuration is correct either by cross-referencing the application configuration with the docs in repository itself or the associated quickstart section.