Missing Internationalization option for Slovak Language

is there any plan for adding Slovak language to internationalization options for Universal Login Form? If not, could I somehow provide the texts/translations myself?

Hi @matej,

are you using the Classic or the New ULP?

Also, which plan are you on (free, dev/dev pro, enterprise)?

Hi Mathias,
I’m using the new ULP on the free plan. But I’m flexible on that.

Let me check with the product team. For enterprise customers on paid plans, languages can be added upon request. I’ll need to check how it’s handled with the free plans.

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Hi Mathias,
any news from the product team?

cc: @mathiasconradt for visibility

Not yet, I followed up again.

My guess is that you will have to file a product feedback or if you’re willing to make a PR to provide such option yourself then our team will review that and potentially add but that’s just a guess.

I have similar problem, but with missing Polish language - I am so far on FREE plan but I hope I will grow with the OSS license.

I would be happy to create PR with the translations, but repo for ULP languages is empty, so no way to contribute… If you could either grant me access to some repo or make it somehow possible to prepare it, I will do that right now.

Hey there everyone!

@marek-urbanowicz I was just told that Polish support is gonna be added within 2-3 weeks from now :slight_smile:

For future reference if you want to add support to Universal Login for your language please submit your request through that form:

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