Migrations / Deprecations api dbconnections/change_password

From the UPGRADE REMINDER AND CHANGES TO DEPRECATION ROADMAP it looks like the are some restriction using auth0.js.
We are currently using this api dbconnections/change_password to send an email for the reset password flow.
This api will be dismissed? Can we continue to use it?
From the docs is not clear which api are going to be dismissed.

Hello, @abudel! And welcome to the Auth0 community.

First of all, the deprecation will only affect those who are using auth0.js v6,7 or 8. If you are using a newer version, you should not have any problems.

However, auth0.js v9 has a changePassword() call, which you can probably use. Some more info about how to use is here: https://auth0.github.io/auth0.js/global.html#changePassword

Hi Jose!
thanks for your quick response.
I’m actually calling the api https://auth0.com/docs/api/authentication#change-password.
I checked and is the same used in the auth0.js
So everything should work as aspected!

Hi Jose!
thanks! i’m using the api https://auth0.com/docs/api/authentication#change-password, that it should be the same as auth0.js uses.
So everything should work!
Best regards