Does Auth0.js v9 Reference have change password feature?

Hi Auth0 Community,

In Auth0.js v9 reference (Auth0.js v9 Reference), the changePassword is to send user email to reset password and how does the actual changing old password to new password is performed? Thank you

If attempting to set up a password reset functionality, you’ll use the changePassword method and pass in an “options” object, with a “connection” parameter and an “email” parameter. The user will then receive an email which will contain a link that they can follow to reset their password.

$('.change_password').click(function () {
      connection: 'db-conn',
      email:   ''
    }, function (err, resp) {

Hi @kewong ,

I noticed that you opened a Support ticket for the same query. I am sharing the solution/answer that our Support team provided. Please see below:

This is the only way to change the password, by creating a ticket that will send an email to a user asking for a password change, you can do the same via calling:

  • https://{auth0_domain}/api/v2/tickets/password-change
  • or
  • https://{auth0_domain}/dbconnections/change_password

But in all the cases, it will send a “reset your password email” to a user to change the old password for a new one.

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