Migration to a new server and "There was an error fetching the SSO data" error

Hello everyone, we are using auth0 on the website http://www.keenbeer.com.
If you try to login and you check the F12 console you will notice the error: “index.js:400 There was an error fetching the SSO data. This could simply mean that there was a problem with the network. But, if a “Origin” error has been logged before this warning, please add “https://keenbeer.com” to the “Allowed Web Origins” list in the Auth0 dashboard: https”.

It was working very good since we changed our server behind the domain “*.keenbeer.com” and of course everything is configured good in the dashboard abut “Allowed Web Origins” and even on the server we put the same old configuration.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance

I solved. I have as callback url an address that is fixed set to https://www.keenbeer.com/login-callback, in this way the session cookie is issued just for the 2nd level ‘www’ domain and not for the one without.

I forced my webserver to always redirect to the www version of the website.

Thank you