Migration of legacy users to Auth0 tenant and how it affects pricing

This is a question about active users in regard to the pricing.

We currently have approx 50K users registered or already migrated to Auth0 from our legacy system. We still have approx 50k legacy users we would like to migrate to Auth0 automatically but we estimate that 90% of those will not become immediately active (if at all).

Based on the pricing model the registered/active user affects the pricing.
Ref: Is an active user someone who registers?

Question: Will the migration of our remaining legacy user accounts to Auth0 count as a registration/active user for the month when we run the migration? Will we have to pay for those new Auth0 accounts after the migration even if the user does not authenticate?

Thank you.

There does not seem to be a lot of interaction on this list any more (at least from the folks that know (auth0 folks).

Here is a link to a very similar question I asked some tome ago - it may shed some light…

Hope it helps.