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Is an active user someone who registers?

Active users are those that have authenticated in one month.
What is “authenticate”? Is that when the user first registers, or only subsequent logins?

Hi @bill2,

Thanks for reaching out.

If you go to help & support in the Auth0 Dashboard and navigate to the reports tab, you can see your active users. On that page is a description:

Users that have authenticated with username/password, passwordless connections or any social provider per calendar month, per tenant.

Hope that helps!


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Yes. I know that… that does not answer my question.
What is the difference between “authenticate” and "register (the first time authentication).

In other words - are NEW users considered “active” users?


Okay I see what you are saying. Registration should count as an authentication/active user since there is a token being issued for that user. I am testing it but it does not update the report immediately so I will have to report back. Do you have a specific case you are concerned about? Like a user migration or something?


Our flow is like this (SaaS):
Click to register -> create account at Auth0 -> token arrives, create account -> “Thank you for creating…” continue -> circle back via Auth0 -> Confirm tokens. Access granted.

If we have to count the first register, then we need to rework the flow so we don’t get 2 for every first time visit. Subsequent visits bypass the first step as we already have a token to confirm against.

We are adding 50+ users per day… so it is starting to add up.

If I understand how you are describing your flow, there is only one active user in that circumstance. It doesn’t matter how many times they are authenticated, just how many users you have that have been authenticated in the last month. It sounds like the scenario you described is just a single active user being issued tokens.

OK. That makes sense.
One concern is that if the user never returns, it is still considered active for the month. We loose about 20% once they realize they can’t get straight in. Our way of trying to disuade generic junk signups (we have a free version).
I suppose over the course of the month it evens out…

What would be ideal is if an “active” user were someone that signed in more than once. First access does not really make them active does it?

A new user registration/login will count as an active user login because it is an authentication event. I understand why it effects you in that way, and see where you are coming from.

Let me know if there is anything else we can do to help!


This was a concern of mine as well (haven’t got to this point in my implementation yet). @bill2 can you describe “starting to add up” at that volume? If you don’t want to share, that’s ok :slight_smile:

Sure… June isn’t done yet…
So next month it will go down some, but then back up - especially as we work to hit thousands of users. We launched our marketing June 3.

|2019-06| 448|
|2019-05| 59|
|2019-04| 63|
|2019-03| 28|

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