Migrating from SMS to other MFA options

Hi there, we currently have SMS enabled as a 2nd factor option. However, due to the risks related to SMS we would like to move away from SMS. Therefore I have two questions (which I cannot find in docs & community).

  1. Is there a mechanism for users only having SMS as second factor to setup a new factor automically (forced)? Of course this can only be done after validating the SMS method.
  2. Can we disable SMS for a geographical location?

Keen to hear your thoughs!

Hi @barend,

There isn’t currently a built-in mechanism for this unfortunately, but don’t lose hope, we have an item on our internal roadmap to allow factor selection in Actions. This would allow you to prompt users for a different factor, and I think could address the geographical request too.

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Thanks for your response Dan. Any idea on term?

I don’t have any exact dates to share unfortunately.

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